Liah S Thorley

Liah comes from a performance background. As both an actor and dancer, she found it a natural progression to move on to writing, though as a dyslexic it probably wasn’t the easiest choice.


By day Liah works for a travel company, where part of her role involves writing travel articles for publication. On days off she writes novels, the odd short story, and is attempting to branch out into screenplays.


She is currently working on two main projects: a series of historical vampire novels, and a time slip historical romance novel. One of her drama teachers once described her as having a grasshopper mind. I think you can see what she meant!


She hopes her determination and success as a writer - albeit it very small success so far - will give encouragement to other dyslexics to pursue their own writing.


Her website can be found at The link is Liah S Thorley